Children’s fashion

Oscar De La Renta Children’s Fall 2012


A two day shoot in Buck’s County in Mid-July could have been sweltering for a Fall shoot but it was picture perfect weather.  The look for the hair was a polished wave and the makeup was a slight stain to the lips and a pretty glow to the checks.  Photographer Chris O’Shea bounced from location to location on this beautiful property and was able to create an amazing story for the client, Oscar De La Renta.  In the meantime, videographer Evan Miller was shooting the kids in there fall outfits for the online videos.  I definitely had a few moments of stress with prepping one child while a group was being shot by Chris and another group was with Evan but with the help of both of them I really think we go some incredible shots.  Can’t wait to see the finished advertisements.  There is a rumor that one will appear in Vogue and another in Town & Country!! Make sure to check out Evan’s preview video below.