Here Are the 10 Biggest Apartments For Sale in Manhattan…

Here’s a great article from Curbed.com showing the 10 biggest apartments in Manhattan. Follow the link below and  feel free to contact me if you are interested in putting an offer in on any of them 🙂

Here Are the 10 Biggest Apartments For Sale in Manhattan – Top Tens – Curbed NY.


Oscar De La Renta Children’s Fall 2012

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A two day shoot in Buck’s County in Mid-July could have been sweltering for a Fall shoot but it was picture perfect weather.  The look for the hair was a polished wave and the makeup was a slight stain to the lips and a pretty glow to the checks.  Photographer Chris O’Shea bounced from location to location on this beautiful property and was able to create an amazing story for the client, Oscar De La Renta.  In the meantime, videographer Evan Miller was shooting the kids in there fall outfits for the online videos.  I definitely had a few moments of stress with prepping one child while a group was being shot by Chris and another group was with Evan but with the help of both of them I really think we go some incredible shots.  Can’t wait to see the finished advertisements.  There is a rumor that one will appear in Vogue and another in Town & Country!! Make sure to check out Evan’s preview video below.

Summer Sanders for Schwinn

Myself and the fantastic makeup artist Ruth Fernandez spent 2 days with our client, Olympic medalist Summer Sanders, with her press for Schwinn bikes.  We had a great time with her and her daughter Skye.  She is definitely one of my favorite clients, “Do whatever you want” is always fun to hear!!”

Summer Sanders press interviews for Schwinn











Summer and her daughter, Skye going over their lines.

Photographer Audrey Stimpson

Check out some of the behind the scenes work from an upcoming photo shoot I did with photographer Audrey Stimpson.  Her concept was screen captures from a Skype conversation between two friends, one in Asia and one in the US.  After seeing each other’s style in the first conversation they have taken inspiration from each other and in the next conversation they have used each others looks on themselves.  It’s a definite commentary on the fact that due to the power of the internet different cultures are able to now be inspired by each other.

Pre styling a lace front wig for one of the models.


Not all shoots take place in big beautiful white studios 🙂





















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Celebrity Apprentice Finale

What a BUSY day!!!  I was up at the crack of dawn to work with Clay Aiken for the Sunday morning edition of The Today Show.  After that was the finale of Celebrity Apprentice.  I styled Debbie Gibson, Dayana Mendoza, and Clay Aiken for the show.

2 out of 4 of these lovely ladies

The fab Debbie Gibson

Clay’s NEW look

Clay Aiken Press

I just spent almost an entire week with Mr. Clay Aiken doing press for the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice finale.  He did everything from “Good Day NY’ to “The Today Show” to “Wendy Williams Show”.  It was actually a lot of fun and I was beyond excited to completely change his well known “spiky hair” look and trade it in for a more mature and many said “sexier” look 🙂


Two Celebs, One Party…

Ivanka Trump and Crystal Light sponsored a party last night and two of my clients were there.  I finished styling Debbie for the party after all her press appearances and then headed over to Dayana Mendozo who is also on Celebrity Apprentice, as well as being Miss Universe 2009.

For Debbie I made her hair even straighter with the FHI Heat 1″ flat iron and Phytologie’s Phytolaque Soie hair spray.  This is a great product to spray on the hair before flat ironing.  It keeps the hair nice and soft and adds a great shine and hold.

Dayana on the other hand I curled with FHI’s 1″ curling iron and then used pin curl clips to set it.  I also used the Phytolaque Soie on Dayana as well.  After her hair cooled down I brushed it out and then pulled it all to one side so that the beautiful dress was able to be seen.

Phytolaque hairspray